Discipleship is a life. It is a life of walking with Jesus Christ—loving him, living like him, serving him, and speaking about him. Because it involves ongoing growth we want to provide you with a description of what that growth sometimes looks like—four stages of spiritual development.

Please remember two things: People don’t always move through these stages as neatly as is suggested in these four stages, so please think of this as merely a general guide for growing closer to Jesus. Spiritual growth is never a one-size-fits-all package! Second, the one who is in charge of your spiritual growth is God, not us. He may take you through experiences and events that aren’t even listed here. You can trust him completely. He loves you!

[Click on the stage you feel best describes your current place on the path of discipleship to learn more about what you can do to continue your faith journey!]

“I may or may not believe in God, but I am definitely not sure about Christ. I am curious to know more.

“I believe in Jesus and I want to know him more, but my life is still influenced by my culture.”

“I feel close to Christ and depend on him daily for guidance. My life is shaped more by Scripture than culture.”

“Jesus is all that I need in my life. I am ready to surrender everything to serve him.”