At Fairway we are learning to seek and grow disciples of Jesus. A disciple is not someone who has it all together, but follows the One who has it all together. That One is Jesus.

Jesus has made a way for imperfect people to meet the perfect God and gather with others who are also meeting Him. Disciples of Jesus experience grace and find community.

We hope that you'll do that with us.

For more information about Fairway please contact Diane Reed in the church office at 616-662-0368 or email


We have three different environments to help you worship in the way you’re most comfortable:

  • a traditional-style worship in our sanctuary

  • a casual worship experience around tables in our Great Room

  • a quiet and calm worship space with alternative seating options in our sensory worship room

Anyone with a name tag can help you find the choice where you'd be most comfortable.

Our building is barrier-free. All are welcome to participate fully in the life of our church!


Experiencing grace and finding community don't just happen. God is resourceful, and He blesses people so that they will be instruments of grace and builders of community. Here are some of the many ways that God does that at Fairway: 


Fairway Youth Ministries • Boys' and Girls' clubs (Cadets and G.E.M.S.)

Sunday School & Catechism • Children in Worship • Little Lambs

KIDS HOPE USA • Autism & Sensory Family Support Group • Small Groups • Triads

Coffee Break/Story Hour • Men's & Women's Bible Studies • 

Young at Heart • Adult Enrichment • Depression Support Group


Fairway Youth Ministries

Middle school; High school

We believe that the journey of following Jesus starts young. So we invite students to join that journey and develop the habits of discipleship at an early age. Chris Curia is the Director of Youth Ministries at Fairway and leads middle school students and high school students to connect with Jesus, other adult leaders, and one another. Click here for more information about our youth ministries.

Kids Hope USA

mentoring at-risk children

One Child. One Hour. One Church. One School. That's the ministry of KIDS HOPE USA, a ministry that has mobilized churches across the country to serve the students of local schools. So every week members from Fairway spend an hour with the same elementary school student they saw last week. They help with schoolwork. They talk about life. Mostly they just love. Teachers tell us that an hour's worth of love every week generates amazing changes in the lives of at-risk kids. 



spiritual growth groups for adults

It seems that the smaller the group the deeper the conversation. So we have groups of three (and four) who meet regularly to dive deeply into scripture and into life together. The discussion always arises from some form of this question: How does God speak into my life through this text?  Good question! You should hear the answers...

Coffee Break

women's group bible study

Life is best done in community. Spiritual growth is also best done in community. Coffee Break is our community for women who want to learn from scripture and from one another. It meets every Thursday morning during the church season (September through March), and is designed as a safe place for women to talk with other women about things that matter. 



At Fairway we believe God has given us a vision, and that vision is to be in our community both as individuals and as a church. Some of our community events are:

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Trunk or Treat

  • Hospital Equipment Ministry

  • Zumba

  • After school tutoring

  • Autism Support Group

  • Depression Support Group

We also believe in connecting with one another through fellowship. We do this through events such as:

  • Burger Bash

  • Hostess Dinners

  • Church Camp outs & Crazy over-nighters at church

  • Encircling Prayer

  • Fellowship Groups

  • Small Groups